PS4 DualShock Has a Completely New Look

Sony has come out with a complete makeover for its DualShock controllers, and these are absolutely stunning to look at first glance.

 It is quite noticeable of the fact that Sony is ongoing with a trend of introducing excellent looking controllers for players to enhance on their gaming experience. And in the increasing line up of different color options PlayStation 4 recently revealed its Ultra-Fresh Green colored gaming controller.

The color scheme for this new controller is based on dense Forest covering and is titled appropriately as Alpine Green. Moreover, this new Alpine Green controller features a tinge of green shade all around the front end and has a bright white skin at the back.

The white color them is also noticeable at the forefront controlling keys and joystick also some slate of white can also be observed at the back L and R keys. The initial looks of this controller would impress a lot many fans, but the real experience of any controller lies in its actual performance while playing games.

 While putting this new DualShock controller into use players will experience excellent vibration modes which would enrich your gaming experience as the vibrations would help you process information fast and allow you in taking much more rapid decisions which would also make players feel pretty much indulged in their gaming universe.

This new handheld controlling device is an exclusive edition to recently introduced four different colored DualShock gaming pads. The last August reveal of DualShock controllers included Blue Camo, Copper, Sunset Orange, and Berry Blue which were also very unique in their own domain.

Still Alpha Green is receiving some additional love from the Sony team as this exclusive variant to the DualShock series has been revealed separately. Sony is launching new and unique color alternatives for gamers to choose from and suit there gaming needs accordingly.

On the other hand, we should also undermine the fact that recently Microsoft has also introduced a number of new and unique color options for gamers to choose from which includes Pirate’s Treasure, Pearly White, Volcano Shadow and many more

So Sony has also taken an initiative to widen up their arsenal of available gaming controllers and maintain a slight competition amongst the rivaling brands. All the gamers at America and Canada have an exclusive opportunity to avail these console which would range about $65 from April.

Players can also pre-order this mesmerizing Alpha Green controller and avail some exclusive deals so check out the official site of Sony to gather around more detail and place your orders for this PS4 controller.

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