Fortnite: Season 8 Week 4 Hidden Banner location

Epic Games is setting new and existing tasks and challenges for Fortnite fans to accomplish this season and players have been working hard to complete each and every available challenge to get a chance to receive a battle star for season 8.

But with the week 4 on the rise for this season 8, a new Hidden Banner can be unlocked by all those players who have managed to complete all the tasks assigned for this new season.

All the Fortnite gamers who have successfully completed the challenges which involved players in landing on different locations, deal damage to enemies, Use Baller vehicle and surviving amongst the other enemies then such players have an exclusive chance to unlock the Hidden Banner from the in-game map.

As in the previous season, a teaser for this Hidden Banner location is also showcased in the loading screen for the title, where a horde of half-peeled Bananas is celebrating some sort of ritual near the Volcano. Keen-eyed players would easily spot the Hidden Banner placed at the small Obelisk structure near Volcano. These Obelisk structures have been included to the title in the recent season 8 update so all the fans would easily recognize it and manage to complete this Hidden Banner quest.

 This is the second time in the season 8 when the Banner was hidden near the volcano region as in the Week 2 of the season 8 the Hidden Banner was located exactly inside the Volcano near the Dragon Eggs and the Fire Kings throne.

But this week the Hidden Banner is situated near the outskirts of the volcano region and players will quickly locate it in no time. The best means to reach successfully to this new Hidden Banner is to directly land near the spot where the small Obelisk are placed.

Or if you are not sure of directly landing to this destination, then the alternative means to reach to this secrete Hidden Banner location is by directly landing at the top of the volcano, and from there players will have to run downstream toward the Sunny Side location and in the way the Obelisk would be easily spottable.

 Players will only be required to visit the exact same Obelisk which is depicted in the image recently seen in the loading screen of Fortnite and automatically the Battle Star for week 4 would be transferred to the player’s account which could be used to improve upon the in-game tier.

Gamers can level up their tier and unlock various unique cosmetics and items which could be used in the match to improve upon the players gaming experience. So players should try to push hard and succeed in accomplishing all the available challenges as the free Battle Star can be used to unlock the Battle Pass by leveling up the tier.

Let’s see what new content does the developing team at Fortnite come up with for the fans to improve upon the gaming experience for the players. As this season 8 has already introduced plenty of new content like new Baller vehicle, updated in-game map, new Pirate theme, and much more exciting wearables and useable content. 

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